Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend sewing

I had a relatively productive weekend in the sweatshop. My mother in law is going in for surgery on Tuesday and was lamenting her lack of a nice bathrobe to wear over her gown.

I have yards of this pink Amy Butler Ginger Bliss petite prink print in my stash, so I made her a robe on Saturday morning.

Once again, I wasn't happy with the pattern's engineering. I ended up having to trim off about an inch of the neckline's curve because of the yucky way the raglan sleeves went together. Blech.

I had a goal of using French seams for the entire thing since it's a bathrobe and I didn't want seams (even serged ones) showing when she takes it on or off. Or laying against sore spot and rubbing. I managed to do it! Yikes, it doubles the time it takes to make something so I kind of only recommend it for simple patterns, but it is a nice finish.

Oh, and I managed to sew on the one button for my Spring Top #2, and it's done! Voila! I'm so excited, I'll share more details in a different post.

So that's about it for my weekend. Good times.

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  1. You know what would be awesome? If you came and lived across the street from me. Because then I could just mention things like, "I sure could use some drapes." Or, "If only I had something cute to wear this weekend!" and then I'd look wistfully away and you would run home and whip me up something adorable and perfect and then I would serve you the coldest beer in town and insist that you put your feet up. THAT would be awesome.