Sunday, May 15, 2011

Does wishing count?

I'm not sewing right now. My recent trip to Vogue Fabrics was a bit of a bust. I was in such a mood, I only walked out with one piece of silk fabric to make the Vena Cava shift dress from Vogue.

For whatever reason, I struggled through the construction of that very simple dress. At one point in trimming seam allowances for the French seam, I cut into the body fabric. At every turn, my own mojo (or lack of) was pushing against me. Finally, I set it down and walked away.

See, we're going to be listing our house for sale in a week or two, and I kind of think this was God's way of telling me "Heather, you're supposed to be staging and de-cluttering, not sewing." Ok, ok.

So de-cluttering it is! No more new messes, cleaning up the old ones. I have a basket full of fabrics and patterns I need to give away. If I get organized enough, I'll just post them here for the takers. If not, I'll have to drop them at a Goodwill. Can't keep everything!

But you know what's a silver lining in all this lack-of-creativity? I was working in the sewing room yesterday, de-cluttering, organizing, packing things away into Rubbermaid containers. I stopped to lose myself in my back issues of Burda magazine, and there it was! While I can't sew for the next month or so, what I can do is trace patterns.

All of the designs that I hated when they came out? Now I love them! I must be about a year behind the Burda designers. What I thought was weird last summer I think is genius this summer.

So my roll of Swedish tracing paper is at the ready, as is my newly purchased tracing wheel (apparently my three-year-old's favorite tool of mom's to lose is the tracing wheel). Hopefully by the time my mojo returns and my domestic situation settles, I'll have all sorts of patterns to choose from. Wish me luck.

By the way, does anyone need a box full of silk scraps from old kimonos? They'd make an awesome obi belt. Email me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

To the holy land, via Southwest

I have to travel again this week for work. I was quite pained when I heard this news, until I heard where I'll be going. Chicago.

Suddenly, although the pain of travelling and missing my kids wasn't lessened, there seemed to be a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Vogue Fabrics. I haven't stepped foot in that store for something like 18 years? My mom and I went a few times when I was in high school and college. It will be so great to be in there as an adult, with my re-found interest in sewing for myself.

I set about making my travel plans with two things in mind - I wanted to leave after my kids go to school so I can see them off in the morning, but with enough time to cab it over to the store and back before my meeting starts.

I chose the lovely Southwest Airlines as my carrier. I love Southwest. They're cheap, they're friendly, their flights are on time almost all the time, and best of all - bags fly free! I'm packing this afternoon, and although it feels a little crazy, I'm actually packing my smaller roller bag and then I'm going to zip it into my large roller bag. That way if I do happen to find any lovelies at Vogue Fabrics, I'll have plenty of bag space to bring it home - for free!

I'm going with my new determination to dress more chicly in mind. Silks will be welcome, especially ones that are washable. I have plenty of jerseys and knits but I wouldn't be opposed to welcoming something new into the mix, like silk or linen jersey.

Wish me luck, I hope to be back with a post full of excitement from my trip to the Holy Land.