Monday, March 15, 2010

Clothing construction question

Good alliteration in my title, eh?

I'm turning to you talented people for help again. I bought a new coat pattern that I love. It just speaks to me for some reason. The sick thing is I think it has to do with the lady's dark hair? I've always wanted dark hair. Oh that's right, I have dark hair. I still don't exactly know what I look like.

Anyhoodle, I found the weirdest little fabric store in the basement of a sweet lady's house today. You heard that right.

I was in Lee's Summit, MO, just outside of Kansas City, for a lunch meeting. Afterwards, I googled fabric shops for a little looky loo and ended up finding a little gem called Zoelee's hidden (literally) inside this little gem's house. She has two basements, one on top of the other, and a full-fledged, full-service, fully-stocked fabric store in the bottom one. She even carries Juki sewing machines! I've never seen nor sewn on one before today, and it was a real treat.

For some reason I couldn't leave her home without buying something, and she happened to have this adorable coat pattern I've been eyeballing for a while. I picked up two coordinating ivory and gray Amy Butler twill prints for the exterior, but I plan on lining it. Technically it's an unlined jacket.

The thing is, it has front and back neckline facings that call for interfacing. If I line it, I was just planning on omitting the facings and enclosing the interior that way. But the facings are to be interfaced. So what now? Here are my options. Please weigh in with your expert opines so I can keep chugging on this beauty.

1. I omit the facings and line it as I'd planned, but fuse interfacing to lining in same place as would be found on the facing pieces? Kind of a quickie shortcut.

2. I include the facings and line it in a more complicated manner, attaching lining to facing pieces. This would allow me to interface as usual.

So, whadya think?


  1. You live here too? I got my machine at Zoelee's. I would interface it as usual and then add the lining and facings. I think it will wear and lay better. Sorry, I know it's more labor intensive. I like your choice of fabric though.

  2. I agree....I think if your going to do it you might as well go all the way.