Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm stumped

I really want to tackle the Parfait dress again. I know, it's probably not a good idea, and on top of it all I kind of (really really) want to use a fabric I paid way more for than I usually do.

It was on sale, and they didn't have much left in stock (it's possible I've been stalking it for a while), so I bought 4 yards of this Yuwa cotton/linen print from Sew, Mama, Sew. I usually don't order from them because I can find the same things cheaper elsewhere, but this time they were offering $5 shipping and I couldn't find the Onnanoko (the girl) print anywhere else. So I ordered it, and it was here when I got back from the most ill-fated vacation ever last night.

It's beautiful. Soft, beautiful drape, subtle pink artwork. I washed it this morning and steam pressed it, and I love it! My original idea was to turn and cut the Parfait out of this print vertically, or rather horizontally? Whatever, you know what I mean. I want to have the girl and the long artwork running in the skirt panels, and the smaller flowers through the midriff section, leaving the bust free of decoration.
I envisioned using pink thread as a subtle detail (topstitching on the pockets, etc) without adding piping this time. Natural linen just kind of lends itself to a more pared-down design, right?

But now I don't know.

Is this the right dress pattern for this fabric? I'm going to search through my archives of vintage and modern patterns, Ottobre magazines, and Japanese sewing books to make sure I'm doing the right thing. This fabric was $18 a yard, WAY more than I ever spend on anything. So this time, I'll be making a muslin. As much as that makes me gag a little.

Oh, and I'm also super excited to mark by Blackberry's calendar for MARCH 14. The day Target debuts its Liberty of London collections! I can't wait. I know what I'll be stocking up on. Have you taken a looky loo yet?


  1. Even with the parfait pinned appropriately (though I don't have it back yet), it wasn't that flattering. It is wearable (and will be worn), but not a cut I would ever encourage you to repeat. I think linen lends itself to a less busy pattern than the parfait.

  2. Target? Liberty of London? Get out of town...