Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Top Week

I found Made by Rae last year sometime. I can't even remember, but I know it was sometime around Spring Top Week because I watched the final roundup and voted for my favorite. I don't think she won (sorry, I tried), but it was super fun.

This year, this year I'll be participating. Hence the button on my sidebar and the sudden urge for me to go through my patterns and books to find cute tops that I'd actually like to make and will wear when they're done. That's the hardest part for me, wearing the things I make. It's much easier for me to sew for other people.

Here's a little teaser of the projects on the table, and some of the fabrics.

from the Japanese book Sweet Dress Recipe

Katie Jump Rope in orange by Denyse Schmidt - blue bias trim not shown

two vintage patterns from my stash

From Amy Butler's new Love collection, the Sandalwood and Sunspots in turquoise

Once again, my apologies for my bad artwork. You'll get used to it if you stick around.

I guess you could say I'm pushing forward with the Great Sewing Challenge of 2010 because I started a first for me today....I traced a pattern from one of my Japanese sewing books! I'll have a separate blog post about the whole experience - tracing, cutting, sewing, etc. - soon. As soon as it's done. Which could be a long ways off. So far so good. Except for the part where I couldn't find the lines of the pattern and literally had to put my face up to the gigantic paper and find it with my fingers. And I used a highlighter. Other than that, it was great!


  1. I love that first fabric! See you at top week and thanks for you encouragement!

  2. oooo...I love your fabrics and all the little tops look wonderful! I can't wait for warm weather....

  3. I heart those turquoise dots! Can't wait to see the magic you make with them.