Monday, March 22, 2010

Burda Style trumps Spring Top Week

I got the April 2010 edition of Burda Style in the mail today. For some odd reason, most of the designs didn't really speak to me, with one gigantic exception.

Skirt 125 is to. die. for. The flounce! The bow! I love it. Love love love. So I think I'll probably lay the crazy tops aside after I finish this latest Japanese bias trim tank, and instead turn my attention to a lovely silk pencil skirt for work.

Have you gotten the April edition yet? Is there anything you think you're going to make? Honestly, March's issue had two or three designs that are on my list for spring/summer sewing.

With this one I can only foresee this skirt living with me, but maybe not...sometimes it takes a while to grow on me.

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