Monday, April 26, 2010

Woot woot!

Doing a little happy dance! Lookie who made it to Rae's front page ~

That very first top up there is the lovely Sonja, a friend from the blogosphere that I met last spring during Sew, Mama, Sew's May giveaway day. She won my giveaway! And I was so glad to have found her, she's a great artist. She makes the most intricate, beautiful hand-felted cake toppers in her Etsy store, although I think she's on hiatus while her family moves cross-country. Oh, and she happened to have made the tank dress out of the latest Alabama Stitches book so that makes me kind of hate her just a little, if that's even possible.

Then my Japanese tank top made the second row! Whoo-hoooo!!! It hasn't been hot enough yet to wear it, but I see it in my dresser and smile.

I can already count way more than ten tops that I would vote for, so it's going to be a real competition! I'll remind everyone when the time comes to vote, not so you can vote for me or Sonja (although that would be super cool), but so you can support home sewers!

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