Thursday, April 15, 2010

The photographic evidence

I do not want to end up on Hoarders. I want to make that very clear.

I lamented my gigantic fabric stash in a previous post and Cara said I should include pictures. So now that my camera and her SD card are together again, I shall show you my work in progress.

Let's begin.

This is the biggest problem right now. These my fabric shelves, and they are out of control. Yesterday I had them all cleaned up, color-coordinated and straightened but then I needed a spot to mound up a bunch of other fabric I pulled from various places last night, like under my sewing table, and so now it's a mess again. I hope it won't look like this tonight.

This is the wall, pretty organized, right?
Here's the sewing table, from one side. The other side is where I'm supposed to cut things out. One of these days that will happen.
This is under the shelves. Much better! This used to look somewhat like the shelves. And check out the Large Cube Space Bag. It's awesome, I have eight of these babies packed already.

A pile of babywale corduroy I need to find a home for. I had such lofty goals for all of this. Anyone want any babywale corduroy?
The color-coordinated pinks! I love this stack.

A bag of scraps that's headed to Cara's doorstep.

Oh, look, there's more fabric on shelves in the basement room.
And a box of knits.
Uh, oh, the ironing board isn't clear either.
And that's not counting the four rubbermaid containers at my mom's house.

Yes, this is going to be a long process, for sure.


  1. This probably wasn't the desired effect of your post, but I am now jealous of both your fabric collection and your sewing machine... ha! I love that ABC-123 corduroy, and the two dotted ones--I need something like that for some kids I have to sew for soon. Anyway, best of luck with organizing. I have a hard time organizing fabric because I always find something I'd forgotten about and get distracted by it.

  2. I think our sewing rooms are almost twins! I so need to clean mine up!

  3. Ooh so many pretties. Love the blue one on the bottom shelf in the basement! Just shown my other half in the hope that he will see my stash really is quite small (but with potential to grow like yours I think) :oD

  4. Oh my goodness! I want some of that corduroy for real! That alphabet and number one! Really, if you are serious about it, I will take it off your hands! That would make precious jumpers for my neices!

    I spy a pretty Lilly Pulitzer fabric hiding in that pink pile! I have a top in that fabric (bought from the company during a mega-sale) and it is simply stunning! Whatever you make out of that is going to be beautiful!

  5. If you are serious about giveaways on cords, let me know

  6. I'm in love. I spotted some Heather Ross bikes too. Jeliz! :) (Oh...I wasn't supposed to drool whilst reading this bad.)

  7. I'm really glad to see that i'm not the only one with an 'untidy' sewing space.

  8. lol My gosh! I could be looking at my own sewing space except not only do I have a mountain of fabric in my home in Australia but my fiancee in the US has been collecting for me too. He sent me a photo yesterday and I just stared! *gulp* Is there a Fabrics Anonymous? Monique xx