Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello?! I am supposed to be WORKING, people!

Remember how I wrote about my contest entry for Pattern Review's vintage sewing contest? And how the instructions call for underlining the dress in the vintage 'sandwich' method, but I thought I'd be all smart and easy and modernize it and line it with a separate shell attached at the neckline and armholes?

Yeah, well.

That was before the Slapdash Sewist posted one of her newest creations, using this cheater faux-Hong-Kong-finish-underline method she read about from someone else. (And she made it in a most lovely blue polka dot that I really like but don't need at all right now, so NO I am not going to try to find any of it.)

I love it.

I even understand how to do it.

How cool is that?

And the only sucky thing is that I am at my desk, supposed to be working right now, and I should not be daydreaming about how I'm going to one day finish the seams of my newest vintage pattern creation.

I have decided it would be much better if there were more hours in the day. Only for crafting. Not for laundry. But I need about three more hours. Thanks.


  1. You and me both :) I daydream at work of all the lovely things I'm going to work on when I get home too.. especially when I see other people's gorgeous work during the day!

  2. Ah extra h ours for crafting. If I ever get to take over the universe as is my cunning plan that is one policy I would insist upon.