Thursday, April 1, 2010

Check it

Does anyone else look at Japanese sewing books with a mixture of awe, fear, and confusion? I mean, I'm attracted to the simplicity of their designs, but also confused about why their designs seem so much cooler than American designs?

I recently found this blog (I think it means Little Corn Grain in English?) of a French seamstress/blogger who does some really amazing work with Japanese pattern books. Check out this post (If it's one post, who can tell? Just keep scrolling. Her work is amazing.).

Finding her work also lead me to another blog called Japanese Couture Addicts, for people who like sewing from Japanese sewing books. Kinda neat, if you're like me and you like looking at things you may or may not ever make.

Like eye candy, for people who sew.

I do have a shirt cut from one of my Japanese books on my pile of projects downstairs. I hope to make it up this weekend, it seems pretty simple. Then again, I really need to finish my Midtown Trench coat. And put the snaps up the front of my Liverpool shirt-now-dress. And then there's baby Violet's homecoming present.

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