Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clearly, I can't be trusted

I think I am going to develop some sort of voting system, whereby I can post up my patterns and then as the urge to cut into some pretty fabric overtakes me, I stop and share this urge before cutting, so you all can weigh in and tell me whether or not my instincts are bad or good.

Let's face it, most of the time they're not good.

Although today, get this - I made a muslin! Get OUT! I know, I was shocked myself.

I bought this lightweight jersey knit in a darling little camouflage print for $1.95 a yard at Hancock's a while ago. I know, you're shocked by the price, right? Me too! I just thought it could be cool, or it could totally end up looking like I want to be on the A-Team. Either way. This picture kinda leans towards A-Team.

Then after getting the camo jersey I came across a lovely lovely black and off-white, sort of muddy white, stripe jersey that I looooove. Because I love stripes. Love them.

On to the story. I wanted to make this New Look dress pattern out of the stripes. But you know, my track record with picking crap fabric for nice patterns and vice versa isn't so great. So I decided to make one of the only muslins I've ever made, and it turns out I'll probably wear it as much as anything else in my summer closet!

I also learned that I really like this pattern. It's breezy, it's not clingy but there's some shaping to it what with the elastic thingy under the bust and all. I have plans to girlify the camo dress some, so hopefully I'll actually get that done before it turns cold again. But if not, I'm cool with how it wears today. Oh, I guess it still needs a hem. Oops.

There's really nothing funny going on with the sleeve, it's just the way I was so fantastically posed in this picture. I had to put my modeling career on the backburner while I raise my two kids.

And I've taken notes on what could be improved with this pattern - lengthen it by 3", lengthen bodice by 1", make the front more like the back (boatneck instead of cross front). Other than that, no changes!

So the stripes have been cut out, in version E I think? The boatneck longer version. Can't wait for a spare 30 minutes to slap it together. Seriously, it goes that quickly and that's with the cross front!

I think I should concentrate more on making simple things like this until I find my sewing mojo. Oh, wait. I am halfway through the two pair of denim trousers I'm working on, so they don't count. I'm just trying to work s l o w l y on those so I don't screw them up. Hope to have finished products this weekend, complete with photos and pattern tips. I've already totally goofed the sideseam pockets on the blue pair, forgetting that when sideseam pockets stretch you can see inside the pants, so you don't put the fancy contrast fabric on that piece, you put it on the piece that lays against the front. Just waiting to pick apart all those stitches. Exciting!

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  1. Cute! And if you put in a couple of pockets for reed calls, it would be perfect for turkey hunting.