Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick update

I have decided to have a yard sale. Every time I thought about how many Rubbermaid containers I have of fabric, I felt like throwing up.

I want to wait until my mom is back in town and can help me. So Saturday, May 8, is De-Stash Day! I think I'll sell it all for $2 a yard, maybe bits and pieces for less and something super great...well, who am I kidding, I'll be keeping the super great stuff.

If you're in the Saint Louis area on that Saturday, stop by and take a browse.

By the by, if anyone wants some of my babywale corduroy stash, that's now selling for $2 a yard too, but I'll throw in free shipping. I have tons of the alphabet print (bought the whole bolt) and at least three yards of most of the rest. Email me if you're interested.

See, I always wanted to open a fabric store!


  1. Dang I wish I was closer to STL!

  2. I, too, wish I were close enough to stop by--that is one yard sale I would not miss. Probably just as well as I spent over an hour at a rummage sale the other day that advertised a massive fabric supply. Result: fabric in my trunk.

    Heather, I wish you good luck with your sale--I put a bunch of my old fabrics in my mother's yard sale a few years ago but didn't manage to sell much. I did, sadly, get rid of a bunch of vintage sewing books that I now wish I had kept.

  3. Emailing you right now! I must get some of that alphabet print!

    Good luck with your sale!