Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stars on my arse

The back pockets are the first step on the Jalie jeans? Seems strange, but who am I to judge.

See, I knew there was a good reason to obsess over the pocket decoration before starting the project.

I copied the pockets on the "Bella" version of People's Liberation jeans. Here's an example from Ebay so you can see them.

You may have to click the picture to enlarge it to see the stitching? Or you may have to take my word for it.

It's really super hard to see on the white denim, and if I had any brain in my head I would have used graduated grays for the thread. But I don't. So the stars are white, which is fine for this pair. The next pair I'll practice more, I promise.

Oh, and check me out! I saw the prettiest cotton at Hancock's today when I was buying needles, and I refrained from hoarding buying it! Can you believe that?! It's like I'm getting better or something.


  1. I don't think it quite fair that you can make jeans with cute arse-stars and I cannot even WASH jeans...

  2. Like the stitched stars! And the super power to resist impulse buying fabrics, impressive!

    Speaking of sewing - have you found www.We All Sew.com yet? Links to others like us that LOVE to sew!