Friday, May 14, 2010

I need one week.

I need one free week. Where I don't have to go to work, and I don't miss out on time with my kids, where I'm fully rested and my house is clean, where the laundry is always done, folded and put away, and the dishwasher is also empty.

If I had that week, then I could catch up on all of the projects rattling around in my head and on my work table.

I have a white version of Wenlan's Twinkle bouse from BurdaStyle waiting to be started. Thankfully, I've mentally walked through the construction steps this week so it shouldn't be too confusing when I sit down with virtually no instructions to assemble it.

I am dying to make a white stretch lace top like one I saw when I was in a cute boutique in Kansas City's Plaza a few weeks ago. This little shop had an entire section of white and lace things, so I'm fairly certain it's in style right now.

I need to finish my white Jalie jeans.

I have a cute summer dress partially complete, out of shimmery metallic (subtle) flax linen. All I need to complete is the zipper and the facings, just haven't found the motivation to do it yet.

I have a few Jalie knit tops on the pile of To Do. Lots of lovely jersies on the stash pile that I kept, all just waiting to be cut up and worn.

And that isn't counting the half-dozen Ottobre patterns I want to make.

Or the Mariposa top from Anna Maria Horner's new book. I have the perfect red and white check cotton picked out for it, too.

Instead, I don't have a free week. I have a week where I'll be out of town, without a sewing machine. Plenty of free time in the evenings but no tools. This is where hand-sewing would come in handy, eh? Well, I'll just have to compensate by making a trip to Atlanta's Whipstitch. That ought to cheer me up.

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  1. ME TOO!!!!! I think this all the time! do you live in Atlanta too?? whipstitch! I have always wanted to go there. they sell some fabrics at the Beehive, where I also sell, plus I've seen them all over the internet:)