Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dalsland Wrap - post post

I had some thoughts today about the Dalsland wrap tute I thought I should share, in case anyone out there decides to make their own version.

My shoulders measure 21" across the back. If yours are wider, you'll need a length of fabric longer than my original 116". So the wider the fabric you can find, the better. Or if you happen to have a long strip of fabric left from a different project, you could practice to see how long you'll need. You can always hem up the bottom shorter once it's done so the tails don't drag on the floor.

If your shoulders are not as wide, you can either keep the 116" length and simply make the armholes longer than 9" (giving you extra fabric coverage in the front), or you can adjust your length down to 98" or so (the length I used in my cream colored prototype that didn't fit me).

The Dalsland wrap in the store is made out of a patterned doubleknit that is almost reversible, and I saw a few options online that I could see would be awesome. Something like this or this? That way, when the inside shows, you get a flash of a different pattern!

If you do make one or need help, just email me! Happy sewing.


  1. I just ordered some of the striped fabric you recommended and can't wait to make this wrap. Absolutely adorable! I'll send you a picture with my creation!

  2. for a size 0/1, what do you think the measurements would be?