Friday, January 14, 2011

Making progress - vintage Vogue 7044

The Batman coatcape is taking shape. Now I know why I don't make a lot of coats. They're crazy time-consuming! I like instant gratification in my sewing projects, not projects that drag on for weeks, as this one literally could considering my other commitments for time (kids, job, husband, house, kids, kids, job, etc).

I squeezed in an hour of sewing today and got the body constructed, at least loosely. You know what? The fit isn't that bad! Apparently my pattern upsizing (from 32 bust to 38) was at least a success, that's good news.

The bad news? Those cape sleeves probably shouldn't have been interfaced. I know, the pattern called for it but with the interfacing they tend to hold their bow shape a bit too much and kind of bell out. Also? That line of interfacing along the seam is a little bubbly. I did steam-shrink the interfacing before pressing, but it was a bear to press along that seam crease using my ham.

I need to adjust the shoulder line on one side, can you see how it's sticking up?

More good news - the bound buttonholes look lovely, and the pocket placement (I raised it a little) is spot-on. I'll be shortening the length to hip level sometime this weekend. Maybe. If I get time. And if I can stop thinking about a jersey knit dress I want to make for my meeting in Atlanta next week.

See, a jersey knit dress is a one-day project. I like one-day projects. This coatcape thing is becoming a two-week project.

One interesting note about the construction of this capelike garment - it's actually a lined vest with the cape sleeves attached at the princess seams. I was so confused about the assembly and just followed the directions, and voila - it suddenly became obvious why they were asking me to sew the front and back together at the sides and shoulders!

Forging on....

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