Thursday, January 13, 2011


I had made a private resolution to myself (or did I make it public, I can't even remember) before New Year's that I was going to sew down my stash. Absolutely NO NEW FABRIC unless it was a lining or something I needed to complete a stash project. I even signed up for Pattern Review's stash busting contest. Not that I thought I'd win, but I was excited about the potential of really reducing my fabric collection. I'm on a consume less kick.

And then this happened.

Hancock's put all their value fabrics on 50% off this weekend. If you've read this blog or any of my pattern reviews, you'll know I really like to buy knits from the value section at Hancock's. I was told by an employee once that these are discontinued fabrics, often from other vendors.

I have found some really great French terry, stretch cotton knits with lycra, doubleknits with unique drape, all for $2.95 a yard. A lot of the fabrics are total junk, you just have to be very careful and selective, but sometimes there are some real pearls in there. You can imagine my delight when that price went down to $1.47 a yard today!

You'll also note that I jumped for joy and tried to hide my delight when I found 100% silks marked down from $15.99 a yard to $4.95 a yard and then another half off that!

I can see a few summer sewing projects taking shape. Dresses like this Tracy Reese, or this Rebecca Taylor, in a light and airy silk chiffon.

Out of this lovely red and cream silk, kind of has a texture like crepe de chine.

Or this dress out of a lovely pink silk chiffon print.

I did buck up and spend $10 per yard on the red and the blue prints, primarily because they both are so ME I felt like if I didn't buy them I'd regret it all summer.

A top out of the blue, maybe?

And this bubbly silk twill could make a beautiful lining on a winter coat! I got four and a half yards of it, the bolt end. It cost me all of $11.

I even grabbed an awesome piece of charcoal gray matte jersey for $1.97 a yard.

Now back to my regularly scheduled stash-busting. NO NEW FABRIC.


  1. They all look lovely! Don't feel guilty - stashbusting or not, you should never turn down a good bargain!!

  2. eh, fabric diets are harder than food diets. I'm trying really hard to be good but it's so hard.

  3. You hit the mother lode! I too made the same resolution but in cases like that I'd have to override it as well! Nice finds and awesome deal!