Thursday, January 27, 2011

A pattern sale? Why yes, thank you.

I need more patterns like I need more night terrors. Nonetheless, need has nothing to do with why I sew or collect pretty things like fabric and patterns.

Today, Joann's put their Vogues on sale for three days. New Vogues? Yes, yes, they're finally stocked too. You can see the ones I chose. I did not choose the bondage wiggle dress. No one needs to see me like that. I also didn't care for the parfait chiffon thing. But the Anna Sui dress is my favorite, followed closely by the gray Donna Karan. And I think 1222 has been highly overlooked. Look at the lines! The seams! Beautiful.

I also picked up a bunch of new (at least to me) Burda patterns. Some of their new patterns are super cool. The strapless dress with chiffon strap things that can tie in many different ways (the first pic in my post is the line drawing)? I love it! The little shift with the ruffle shoulder? LURV. I think the two on the bottom row are older, but still worth purchasing for $5. I could probably download them but for $5, I'd much rather just cut out the tissue than tape and cut and print and tape and curse and tape.

New Look had new patterns, too. Somehow it seems a little expensive to be paying $3.99 for a New Look pattern when the Vogues are also $3.99? Eh. I'm OK with it. I thought their two or three newer tunic/dress patterns were cute, with a little interest at the top.

So. Now I sit with way too many patterns than I could ever make up, far too much fabric, and no time. Better get crackin.

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  1. They all look fab! But I totally know what you mean about having too many patterns to sew! I can't help it either!