Thursday, February 11, 2010

DRESSES built by Heather

I bought the most lovely new sewing book yesterday at Barnes & Noble. I meant to just go a read for a while, but I decided I couldn't leave without bringing Wendy Mullin's book DRESSES Built by Wendy with me.
Wendy Mullin is the woman behind the Sew U books? Have you seen those? They're handy little guides for beginning and intermediate sewers that include projects and tips and whatnot for creating your own wardrobe. The book comes with pattern pieces, yay! So if I make a few of the dresses, I figure the cost of the book will even out a little.

I absolutely love the fact that she boils dressmaking down to three different shapes - the sheath, the shift and the dirndl. And then for each shape, she offers a ton of different variations.

Like this lovely red number under the shift section.

And as a variation, you can make it with sleeves and contrast collar, and voila! A totally different dress.

This asymmetrical navy dress really caught my eye, but I love the variation even more.

We'll be going to Florida for a spring vacation in a few weeks so I'll be sure to stitch up one of these lovelies to bring with me, and I'll share the project as I'm working on it.

But up next, something for BOYS! Since February is Celebrate the Boy month, and my sons' Valentine's parties are this Friday, I decided to make them some wicked cool t-shirts to wear.

Stop back tomorrow!

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  1. I adore the Made blog! And I can't wait to see your dresses! I totally won the bow tie pattern, so I'm gonna try it today! Meep!