Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yikes, I needed two more sewing machines? Why, yes, in fact, er, no what was the question?

Soooooo maybe I have a small collection of sewing machines? But I like them all. I use them all. And today the collection got so much cuter.

I had received an email from a local fabric store that was closing with their list of clearanced sewing machines. On it was a Bernina 65 (bernette) for less than two hundred bucks. I decided to go over and pick it up this morning when they opened, and had my kids in tow. After we left and ran errands, we stopped at an estate sale close to home.

I walked into the basement and there she was! A mint-condition 1956 Singer 99X. One of the cousins of the Featherweights, but I haven't had any time to research the differences yet? It weighs about 30 lbs, so I don't think it qualifies for "featherweight" status. But the rest is the same - small, powerful, beautiful and durable.

She runs like a dream. She just needs a little dusting around the bolts and screws, and probably a nice oiling of the drum.

I'm so excited to make up something with this machine! And the Bernette, although I forgot to buy bobbins and can you believe they actually sold it to me without any??? Rude.

Sorry for the junky photo quality. My husband had taken off with the camera for the day so all I had was my Blackberry camera. But you get the idea, right? I'm so excited. I have a Pfaff of the same era, it would be interesting to line them up together and see how they compare on similar projects? Maybe I'll have to do that.

Happy sewing~

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