Wednesday, February 17, 2010

need some input

I bet you were wondering why I made you all sign up to follow, weren't you? I had ulterior motives.

I need a little help, a little idea generation.

I have been steadily cleaning up my workspace downstairs, organizing patterns and fabrics and taking a bunch of things to my parents' house for storage (we might be moving this spring so I need to de-clutter).

I managed to tag patterns to quite a bit of my fabric stash, but I have two pieces of fabric with no purpose. I would love pattern suggestions from anyone.

The first is a bright white stretch twill I got for super cheap at Hancock's. It's a really nice, heavier weight and has a little texture to it, almost like a little seed stitch? Does that make sense? So what would I make out of white stretch twill? I have at least three yards, maybe four.

The second piece is a lovely sweater knit, alpaca and wool blend. It's a greenish brown color and so super soft to touch. I thought it would make a nice sweater dress but I have no patterns and have seen nothing inspiring. Does anyone have any pattern suggestions for something like this? It's not very wide, only 44" but it was on super clearance locally and I bought over four yards, I remember that much. It has quite a bit of stretch to it, so I'm kind of scared to cut into it without the right project?

Thanks for your help!


  1. I think the wool blend would make some fabulous lounge pants! LIke yoga-ish? And no idea about the twill!

  2. I think that white twill screams to be a Spring Skirt with flounces. You know the kind that look like a gypsy with 3 soft layers and ends just below the knee?

    Or, maybe a skirt like this:,53,,type,patchwork

  3. Crap, that link doesn't work. It is the "Soft Pleated Skirt 4725" from Purlsoho's website:

  4. For the wool, cowl neck sweater dresses, are always nice. Or so says me, anyway. Butterick 5247 comes to mind.

    For the twill, how about a vest a skirt for spring?

  5. That should say "vest and a skirt", but I like to make typos.

  6. Twill - how about a cute jumper? Or bermuda shorts and blazers for the boys for easter? Because nothing goes with white clothes like toddlers and chocolate bunnies.

    Wool has to be cozy pants, echoing Christia...