Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's official, friends. I have lost my sewing mojo. I started two projects this past week, after hemming and hawing forEVER about what to make next, and both were tossed onto the UFO pile in disgust.

First up, a replica of Anthro's Intersecting Angles cardigan. It snowed seven inches here last weekend, and during my extreme hissy fit over that bit of bad news, I decided to make a warm stripey cardi. It just didn't quite work out that way. The body and sleeves are put together, but I'm not happy with the collar.

Turning instead to something I might be able to take with me on vacation, I made a mock-up of the Lunar Cycles top, also an Anthro offering (but no longer even pictured on the website?). I bought the original, so there was little I had to do except trace off the sections.

And guess what? I hate it. I made my knockoff out of black cotton eyelet and it's just not the same. I might finish it and give it away, or it might languish in the UFO bucket until I like it again.

The funniest part of all this was this morning, when I went down to the sweatshop to clean it up. My youngest son (he's three) came flying down after me and asked me to sew something.

"You sit here and sew, mommy, and I'll do the vackaboom."

"I can't sew right now, Grif, I can't find my mojo. Can't sew with no mojo."

"Oh. Mooojieeee! Where are you???!! Mooooojieeeeeee!"

So I obliged him, and started sewing up the beanbag chair covers I promised my mother-in-law sometime around Christmas. Oh, well, no time like four months past, right? I hope my mojo (and energy) comes back soon. I'm exhausted and ready for some fun.


  1. Vackaboom - hahaha! That would be one word that would stay in our family vocabulary. I hope your mojie comes back soon too, but at least you can knock out those chair covers in the meantime, right? ;-)

  2. That's cute, where's mama's mojo? funny, I love little kids they are so cute. Sounds like he was trying to help you. I hope you get to sewing again, maybe a little break is what you need. Lately, I have my sewing mojo but I've got the sewing blues, nothing seems is good enough for me right now, I want it to look perfect, sounds like we are both in a bad place. This to will pass.

  3. Anthro should sell patterns don't you think?

  4. Here a vackaboom is a gackgoom.... and no one is old enough to run it while I sew. But please find your Mojie soon. It provides excellent inspiration for me (as well as entertainment).