Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the Crissy Snow top

I could also call this top "Here Comes Some Cleavage."

A while back I spent an entire evening scouring the vintage pattern offerings on Etsy and eBay, looking for something that I could make out of knit. My daily (non-working) uniform tends to be jeans or shorts and knit tops, but my sewing patterns were kind of lacking in the knit tops arena.

I came away from that with this beauty, Simplicity 7836, circa 1976. My initial plans were to make it into a mini-dress this summer.

Then I found a cute little pink and gray knit in the bargain section at Hancock's that totally reminded me of the whacky prints I find at Anthro, and I decided to make this pattern up in a top for my vacation next week.

As you can can't see, this top is awesome if you really like a looooow cut. Next time I'll bring the front up an inch, and probably the back too. I played with the idea of raising the shoulder seams, but I liked where the interesting yoke seaming hit and didn't want that any higher. So, cleavage it is. {Please excuse rumpled appearance. Spent the evening with my boys in the Chick-Fil-A playzone.}

The pattern was a size 12, which is at least one size smaller than what I normally cut, but considering knits in the seventies didn't stretch too far, I thought it would be ok. It fits remarkably well in the shoulders/bust area, just a small amount of gaping in the back that I could fix by using some clear elastic in the seam allowance. Luckily the fit is so good when I bend over there is no flashing.

I ommitted the center back zipper and cut it on the fold instead. Also, I wanted a little bit of fullness in the back as well as the front, so I basically cut the bottom skirt as a big square, and gathered the center section a little to match the back yoke.

I think it's actually kinda cute, and fairly current-looking. Either that, or I've totally gone off the vintage-pattern deep end. I hope not, I have a second vintage seventies pattern on the work table now and just inherited a box of kicky patterns from my mother-in-law. Yeehaw!


  1. Seriously cute! Love the fluttery double sleeve, and the print is awesome. It doesn't look too low cut from here.
    Also, Chick-fil-a playlands are the best.

  2. That top is really lovely! I love the whole combination and yes those flutter sleeves are awesome!

  3. Darling! You are so good at picking the right fabric for each garment you sew.

  4. Lovely top! The double sleeves are just too pretty! This top is the perfect mix between classy and casual!

  5. Hi. This is my first time here. I think this top is cute. It seems contemporary to me- not stuck in the 70's.