Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lunar cycles top - an Anthro knockoff in progress

I swear I'm not the queen of knockoffs, it's just that lately there have been quite a few things I've seen in stores (usually Anthropologie) that I think would be super easy to make.

Take the Lunar Cycles top, for instance. When I saw it in the store in February, I fell instantly in love. I was born in '72 and have a strong hippie streak running through my closet.

Despite its +$100 price tag, I brought it home with me.

Behold, the Lunar Cycles top. No longer available online or in stores because it was crazy popular. And behold the giant brown dog licking my feet as I posed for self-timed pictures. "Ruby! Don't lick off my self-tanner!"

Then I set about making another Lunar Cycles top, this time out of a black wavy patterned cotton eyelet I found at Joann's because you can never have too many Lunar Cycles tops, and if I have to type the words Lunar Cycles again I might shoot somebody.

Honestly, I'm just eh about my knockoff. I haven't quite gotten the elastic right in the front and back, the sleeves are a few inches too long, the bodice doesn't fit quite as snugly as the original, and I'm not loving the black.

Other than that, it's a total winner.

Sorry for the craptastic photos. Our kitchen is the only bright room in the house but morning sun isn't kind to the lighting. And I had just gotten out of the shower. I would have taken the pics on Lydia, but this top shows much better on a human with arms.

I will continue to tweak this top as I think I just may end up liking it after all, and oh by the way? I just realized I was wearing it backwards in these pictures. Oops. Remind me to install a tag, ok?

I've already started on a new knit top to take with me to Florida. It looks like my mojie may be making a comeback after all!


  1. I'd LOVE a tutorial on this one. Please?

  2. I think it's cute! Oh and that makes me feel better that I'm not the only one with a lab jumping up on me when i'm trying to take pictures!