Monday, April 25, 2011

Christian Dior

It was raining this afternoon when I picked my kids up from school. What to do? Why, stop at TJMaxx, of course. The real reason was that I have to go to Denver for another meeting this week and I feel sorely lacking in anything to wear. So I was hoping to come upon something lovely to take with me. Didn't happen.

What did happen, was I lucked upon this blouse. A Christian Dior blouse. For $399.99.

To clarify, this is the TJMaxx that carries high end designer labels. Chloe, Gucci, Prada, etc. I got a beautiful Gucci bag there a few years ago that is still my daily handbag.

This blouse caught my eye for one reason alone - the price tag. Four hundred dollars, for a white cotton short-sleeved blouse. I inspected it inside and out, trying to determine what could have possibly been worth the original price tag of $750 and I'm sorry to say I came up empty-handed.

It's white cotton, albeit a very fine cotton with a lovely hand. It has a banded collar and an open placket that closes at a very cute, refined bow. It has a skirted bottom section that's simply gathered. The most detailed part of the entire blouse are some well-placed tucks in the front placket that form fullness for the bust.

To be fair, I did not try this on. Maybe once I did I'd be awed by the fit and have a moment whereby angels sing on high and I suddenly support the price tag. I doubt it.

Instead, what I have is inspiration! I love some of the details on this blouse, so I've added it to my already too long To-Do list, and I hope to get started just as soon as I get back from Denver. Again.


  1. Oh you will make something nicer than that and it will fit. I do like the blouse, but 400.00, that's why it at TJMax, they couldn't sell it for that! Have you noticed that even a designer stuff is only as good as it's fit. That's the great thing about sewing, it's always designer by you!

  2. Oh it is rather cute though! But yes, at that price, you can make one in all the colours of the rainbow!