Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dinos like tees too

In my quest to sew down my stash, I decided to try to replicate the cutest top I saw recently. Right before Christmas, I stopped in to Lululemon, a pretentious little yoga/pilates boutique that sells their own clothing line for men and women and also holds spontaneous yoga classes (???).

By the way, it's pronounced Lulu Lemon, like the fruit, not Lulu Lemahn like the French race (with an S).

Anyhoodle, there was a girl working there with an adorable long-sleeved top on. Regular tee in front, ruffled strip down the center back. She was snooty about it when I asked, and explained it was "long gone" and there was no way I could ever own one. Pffft.

A month or so later, and I finally got it hemmed and pressed so I can wear my version of it. My version looks a little bit like a spine or a stegosaurus instead of a dainty ruffle, but that's ok. I can live with that. The fabric I used was one of my Hancock's value knits instead of a performance stretch jersey, so that accounts for that.

The most fun part was using a vintage pattern from the 70s - Simplicity 7980. I made the size 10, bust 32. Now, I am at least a 36 bust, probably more like 38, so you can see how different knits were thirty years ago. I didn't use the full 5/8" seam allowance, so that probably added another 1" around, but still. I do think the armscye is too far forward in the back, it extends too much into my arm so if I make the pattern again I'll fix that. Otherwise, not too shabby for a $3 t-shirt.

Please disregard tank top peaking out from underneath the hem. In the winter I wear a tank or camisole every. single. day. Partly because I'm cold, and partly because I've developed a nasty reaction to wool. Even my nice Vince cashmere sweaters give me hives by the end of the day.

I had originally planned to add the ruffle to princess seams in front a la a Zella top I have from Nordstrom's, but once I laid it out all that ruffling was a little obnoxious, so I stopped with the stego spine.

Now on to a babycord project that's been jumping around in my noggin for a bit too long. Very springy, perfect for the winter blahs.

NOTE TO SELF: Wait to take pics until hubby comes home. Self-timer = crappy photos.


  1. Oh, I like that detail! And the story especially. Good job. (now you need to wear the shirt back there and hope to run into the same girl...)

  2. You showed that snooty girl! I love the detail on this shirt! I had never thought about ruffling the back before. Your projects has given me tons of ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great job! Get yourself down to Lululemon to show off your fabulous top!!!

  4. Really cute. And I love stegosaurus, so that's a nice bonus. :)
    Snooty people in shops are so annoying. I want to grab them by the shoulders and say, "You work RETAIL. Get over yourself." (Not that there's anything wrong with retail -- my dad worked retail his whole life -- I just don't see being arrogant about it.)
    Heather (Sharkycharming)

  5. Hi, heather, I have a confession: I totally knocked off your knockoff. (With credit, of course!) I am happily wearing my very own stegosaurus tee today! :)