Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Up next... vintage Vogue 1593

In between eating Christmas cookies and eating more Christmas cookies, I've started a new sewing project. Good things it's not pants, because they wouldn't fit.

I bought this vintage Vogue Patou pattern off Etsy a month ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. The green! The tie! I love it. I wanted to find green wool just like what is pictured, but sadly no one had anything quite that... bold. So I took a great leap of faith and ordered a pink/peach/coral/rose wool flannel from Gorgeous Fabrics.

This is my first online order of fine fabric, can you believe that?! I've ordered other fabric online, but I'm always leery to spend a lot of money on something I can't see and touch. Luckily, the wool flannel feels lovely and looks exactly like what I expected. I ordered two yards but when it arrived, it's even wider than I expected and I only needed 1 1/4. So I believe a slim coral pencil skirt may be in my future.

The cutting has begun. Each pattern piece is both underlined (I am using silk organza) and lined (the polka dot charmeuse). Cutting should only take me sixteen hours or so.

AND I made a muslin this time, can you believe that?! I'm not picturing it because I made a huge goof and sewed half the thing inside out. I know, it doesn't make sense but believe me, that's what happened.

I figured I should test out the fit before cutting into my expensive new wool. Because ladies were considerably shorter in the 60s than they are now, I will be adding four inches to the bodice length in order for the jacket to clear my waistband. I am not a fan of the bolero look.

Wish me luck, progress updates to follow....

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  1. I love that fabric and pattern! It is going to look so cute!