Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fabric. And lots of it.

Well, it appears as though I'm back. Although I will be honest, I am going to try super hard not to let this blog take over my life! So my posting may be sporadic and lame, and hopefully will only record my progress on actual projects I'm sewing so I don't let my hobby run me over.

Anyhoodle, onward and upward, right?

A year or so ago one of our local fabric stores closed and they sold off all their stock in a big clearance sale. I was into fabric hoarding at the time (I've since placed myself on a strict no-fabric diet which is working about 60% of the time, thank you very much) and so I snatched up a bunch of their better woolens at 75% off.

I don't remember exactly, but I think I ended up paying less than $10 per yard for these Pendletons. And I haven't sewn a stinking thing with either one. Luckily, the moths found one of my better cashmere sweaters and not my wool stash, so they're in great condition. I steamed them this evening and I'm ready to make a decision.

What to sew?

Here are the fabric choices. Four and a half yards of lovely British khaki with one-inch windowpaney checks. Why so much? I have no idea! For a split second I considered making the Lady Grey out of it, but my mother's wisdom prevailed. It's all wrong for that pattern.

You can see the size of the check, as my cutting board underneath is in one-inch increments. Increments, check me out with the big words.

And two and a half yards of a winter white with 1/2" navy and brown check.

Both have a lighter feel to them. Not exactly tropical wool, but not heavy coating either.

I am considering making Simplicity 2648 out of one of them, I'm just not sure which one? And that pattern is not supposed to be lined, but I will be lining whatever I make with this stuff.

So. That's the problem. If you have any pattern suggestions, please throw them my way. I have tons and tons of current and vintage patterns.

I leave you with a gratuitous puppy shot. Except my gratuitous puppy is an enormous goon now who takes up quite a bit of square footage in this house. She was in desperate need of a bed for her "spot" in the kitchen, so I made something with fleece for the first time in for-EVER. Hate fleece! But she loves it, especially with the zebra on the one side, leopard on the other, and a foam pad in the middle. Ruby's in doggy heaven.

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