Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Schoolhouse Tunic

I've had the pattern for the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated for a looong time. So long I don't actually remember when I bought it? Anyway, I recently came across an old review for it and was inspired.

Remember how I made a vow to ONLY sew from stash? Yeah, I broke that already. I was at Joann's and found this remnant of sueded rayon on the Red Tag table. It was less than two yards and somewhere between 45" and 60" wide, but I managed to squeeze a tunic out of it.

Sorry for the less than stellar photos, I'm still trying to find a spot in my house with good lighting and a place to set my camera! I know, I need to invest in a tripod. 

OK, so here are my thoughts on this pattern in no particular order.  I cut a 10/12 and then proceeded to remove at least three inches of ease from the front and two inches from the back skirt sections. The chest and back fit ok but I wasn't interested in having a voluminous top around my bum. If you wanted a more "poet's tunic" look, definitely leave the original ease in the skirt sections. Also, I cut in a shirttail hem, which I'm loving these days.

Why am I calling them skirt sections? Well, I also shortened the "tunic" length by three inches. I'm 5'10", so you can see that if I'd left the original length it would have been a dress on me. The pattern indicates a cut line for "shirt" length, but that was too short for me. So I ended up somewhere in-between.

In order to snazz it up a little, I sewed on rhinestone buttons at the neckline, added a button loop, and then did the same to the sleeves. Oh, I forgot to mention I cut down the sleeves quite a bit, using the 10/12 size at the shoulders and then grading down to the smallest size, 2/4. I wanted skinny sleeves.

In all, I'm happy with the end result. I will definitely wear this top a lot with leggings and skinny jeans, and I think the fabric lends it a little bit of a dressy look it wouldn't otherwise have? It was a bear to work with but I'm glad I found the remnant when I did. 

Next up, I have the fabric and pattern ready to start on my Cookie jacket. I'm nervous! Wish me luck.

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