Saturday, June 4, 2011

the I love stripes and ruching top - McCall's 6356

Whew, I snuck this one in with barely anyone noticing. Shhhh! I'm not supposed to be sewing. We put our house on the market last week and it's been all I can do to make sure it remains organized and clean. Clean is an understatement, it actually appears antiseptic right now but apparently that's what buyers want.

After all the organizing, staging, decluttering and more decluttering, I snuck downstairs one evening and cut out this McCall's 6356 pattern in a lovely lightweight knit I picked up at Hancock's for $2 a yard. My husband was fiddling with one of his old cars, I knew I had a short window of time.

Have I mentioned before that I love stripes? And that I love ruching? In my mind, you could ruche every surface of my body and I'd be happy. So I thought this pattern would be the perfect marriage of figure-flattering and stripes. Because I love me some stripes.

I can tell you I will wear this top all summer long. It's lightweight like a whisper and since it's already 97 degrees here today, that's very welcome.

What I don't like about it, can you see how far down those armholes dip?! It's insane! I am shocked my bra band doesn't show, but it doesn't. Oh, and my twin needle gave me fits on this feathery fabric and rolled the neckline collar, piercing a huge hole in it. I just turned it down some more and stitched it again.

I left the hem natural after that disaster, and with all the ruching and rolling I think it looks fine.

My next project is another stripey knit top, already cut out and waiting for 30 free minutes when I don't have to fold and put away laundry. Or wipe down a bathroom surface. Or empty trash cans. Or cut the grass.. sigh.


  1. Very cute! Way to be sneaky and get some sewing done. I hate trying to sell a house.

  2. Love the way the stripes work with this pattern. It's so fun the way they swirl around!
    Good luck on the house! Staging and showing are so frustrating. I hope it sells quickly for you.

  3. I hope it sells fast for you so you can get back to the machine quickly. You have been missed : )

  4. I just finished this one in a gray and black strip also - I remembered seeing your version on Pattern Review which is what inspired me to use the stripes. I added sleeves to mine so don't have to worry about the deep armholes. thanks for the inspiration!